Research Interests

My current research involves investigating igneous layering process in the Dufek Intrusion in Antarctica and other layered mafic-ultramafic intrusions.  My Masters research involved relating the Eagle Ni-CU-PGE magmatic sulfide deposit to surrounding mafic dikes and intrusions and placing all of these in the context of Midcontinent Rift evolution.

Overall, I'm most interested in igneous petrology and ore deposits, though I also have strong interests in mantle petrology, metamorphic petrology, tectonics, and structural geology.

To solve geologic problems, I have used major and trace element geochemistry, U-Pb dating, S and O stable isotope analysis, transmitted and reflected light microscopy, and field work.  I have completed field work in New York, Nevada, Michigan, and Alaska, and I plan to complete field work in Antarctica for my PhD.  I have also attended geologic field trips in Newfoundland, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Maryland, and many places throughout the Northeastern United States.



MELTS--Modelling Program for fractionating a silicate magma under various P, T, and fO2 conditions.

Society of Economic Geologists

Indiana University Department Of Geological Sciences

SUNY Potsdam Geology

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