W. Jesse Hahm
MSc, 2013, Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming; BA, 2010, Philosophy, McGill University.
I study different aspects of the critical zone, which refers to the intersection of the lithosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. I worked with Dr. Cliff Riebe in the Sierra Nevada, California.

Last updated 1 May 2014; now defunct
Peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings

Going deep to quantify limits on weathering in the Critical Zone. Riebe, CS, Hahm WJ, Brantley SL. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (in review).

Bedrock composition regulates mountain ecosystems and landscape evolution. (external link), (pdf) WJ Hahm, CS Riebe, CE Lukens, S Araki. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2014, vol. 111 no. 9, 3338-3343.
See also: Coevolution of life and landscapes (Commentary). (external link), (pdf) S Porder. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2014.

Landscape response to tipping points in granite weathering: The case of stepped topography in the Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory. (pdf) BS Jessup, WJ Hahm, SN Miller, JW Kirchner, CS Riebe. Applied Geochemistry Supplement, June 2011.


Sierra Nevada bedrock shapes vegetation and topography. (pdf) Oleson, T, Earth Magazine, 2014.

UW Study: Bedrock Influences Forests More Than Previously Believed. (external link) University of Wyoming Press Release, 2014.

World's Largest Trees Help Explain California Forests' Bald Spots. (external link) Livescience.com article, 2014; Scientific American version: (external link)

Study Finds Forest Growth Dictated By Bedrock, Not Just Climate. (external link) Wyoming Public Media, 2014.

Granite bedrock and sequoia forests 'communicate' in the Sierra Nevada. (external link) National Science Foundation, 2014.

Granite Contributions to the Sierra Nevada. (external link) California Academy of Sciences, 2014.

Selected abstracts and presentations

Webinar: Nutrient deserts of the Sierra Nevada Batholith and their effects on life, soil, and topography. (external link) WJ Hahm, CS Riebe, CE Lukens. April 2013.

Abstract: Strong lithologic control on mountain ecosystem productivity and landscape evolution. (pdf) WJ Hahm, CS Riebe, CE Lukens, S Araki. GSA 2013.

Abstract: Effects of bedrock nutrient density on vegetation and topography in the Sierra Nevada Batholith, California. (pdf) WJ Hahm, CS Riebe, S Araki. AGU 2012.

Abstract: Exploring the effects of bedrock nutrient density on life and topography in the Sierra Nevada Batholith, California. (pdf) WJ Hahm, S Araki, BS Jessup, CE Lukens, AE Kelly, CS Riebe. Goldschmidt 2012

Abstract: From minerals to hillslopes: Towards an integrated framework for interpreting chemical and physical erosion. (pdf) WJ Hahm, CS Riebe, K Ferrier, JW Kirchner. 2011 AGU.

Abstract: Supply-limited and kinetic-limited chemical erosion. (pdf) CS Riebe, K Ferrier, WJ Hahm, JW Kirchner. Goldschmidt 2011.


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