About me

         I was born in Sichuan, China — it is a province with many kinds of beautiful sceneries. When I was a little girl, I was excited to touch the nature around me. For me, nature is a magic world, even more mysterious than the Disneyland. 

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         As I grew up, travelling became a part of my life. I almost spent every holiday travelling around my country, in those beautiful places. Mountains, lakes, oceans and rivers are all telling their own stories. Even the most famous peots and mucisians can not interpret their beauty.  I was trying to find out the nature’s secrets. Gradually, I knew some terms, for example, glacier, Jurassic, carbonate and so on. What does the exact meaning of these words? I really wanted to know — that was the reason I chose geology.

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        I finished my undergraduate study in China University of Petroleum, (Beijing). It is in an area with abundant geological phenomena. I feel so lucky to be introduced geology in that beautiful region. I figured out the meanings of many geological terms there, and realized that the more I knew about geology, the more I was attracted by it. 

        Now I am in Wyoming. It is about 7500 miles away from where my hometown! I can not tell you how excited I am. The Rockies only exist in my books before, but now it becomes my research area. Just as Auguste Rodin says:’ Life is not lack of beauty, buth the lack of eyes to find it.’ I am trying to find the screct of the Rockies' history and the sandstone’s stacking patterns in the Rockies. I believe that is the inner truth of its beauty.

        Hello, Wyoming~!

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