My Research

       I am generally interested in sedimentology, and also involved to a little tectonics.

       My PhD program is about investigating sandbodies’ stacking patterns in alluvial basins. Picture A is Morrison Formation in Colorado Plateau. You can see the stacking patterns change quickly through vertical direction – about 70% net to gross in Salt Wash Member and less than 25% net to gross in Molina Member. The Wasath Formation in western Colorado also shows simliar rapid change of stacking patterns.

         What I focus on is to build model to explain the changes. I am trying to digitalize data from well-logs to classify sand and mud, then using statistic methods – such as cluster analysis to describe the sand clusters. In addition, I am also trying to enterpret the external controls or antogenic controls of the stacking patter  with data collected from outcrops. 

        Besides, I am also interested in reconstructing paleoelevation in physical ways. Basically, I attempt to calculate the mountain height based on the theory of regional isostacy.

       Feel free to contact me if you are interested in or have problems about my research.

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